Shredding & Dewatering

Food Waste Convert To Fertilizer

Organic food waste convert to fertilizer 1. bin-lifter feed the food waste to the sorting platform, 2. worker sort out the impurities waste, 3. the industrial shredder &  dewatering squeezer combo machine shred and dewatering the food waste, 4. the auger conveyor feed the organic food waste to the fermentation machine, 6. the organic food waste become rich fertilizer after 24 hour.

Food Waste Convert To Fertilizer

Food waste composting pretreatment system is the necessary to the composting or ferementation process, it help the composting or fermentation process more efficiency,  faster and finally you can get the more better fertilizer,  including: 1. 120L or 240L bin-lifter-->Manual sorting table-->Industrial shredder & dewatering squeezer combo machine-->Auger conveyor.

Shredder & Screw Press

Shredder & Screw Press model HM800 processing household waste. The final shredded size of the flakes is 20-30 mm and the moisture content is less than 30%.

Kitchen Waste Shredding & Dewatering

With the kitchen waste shredding and dewatering machine and installations these foodstuffs can be made suitable for processing by the animal feed and biogas industries.

Packaged Drink Waste Depackaging And Solid-Liquid Separating

DHL have a lot of packaged drink waste come back to site which at the moment they empty by hand into an IBC ready for disposal.We provide the depackaging and solid-liquid separating machine model HM200 to automatically separate the drink packaging from the liquid to help them free their hand.

Food Waste Composting Machine

Food waste composting machine integrate industrial shredder and dewatering machine, the machine reduce the food waste size down to 20-30mm, after dewastering, the organic liquid store in the pool for making fluid fertilizer,  and the organic solid store in fermentation tank for making solid fertilizer.The  food waste is broken down into natural organic compost fertiliser within 24-48 hours.

Trash & Waste compactor PM500

TIMO provide trash/waste compactor PM500, PM500 compactor has two working chamber, when one chamber pressing, you can feed the waste to the other chamber, after pressed the first chamber, then you can slide the top pressing-head to the other chamber, so this working design will much increase the working efficiency. We can also provide customized made with up to 4 pressing chamber.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Compactor

TIMO EPS compactors are specifically designed to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foams for easier storage and transportation.Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 98% air,if you are loading up a van and taking your polystyrene to landfill,you are paying your waste contractor to transport 98% air to landfill.

Household Waste Dewatering Screw Press

The household waste dewatering screw press model MSD450 can separate the water from the household waste, after dewatering, the moisture content is up to 3%. The dry waste can mixed the wood flakes to make the RDF. In the same way, the dewatering screw press can also use for organic waste transmit compost.

Herbs Residue Washing And Dewatering

The dirty herbs medicine was washed in the stainless stell washing tank, and the clear herbs medicine was squzzed against the strong screen by the screw press, then the solid-liquid was separated, and the clear and dehydrated herbs medicine come out from the end of the dewatering screw press.

Two Stages Shredding Medical Waste Shredder

Medical waste recycling system with efficient and high capacity 2-3 tons/hr, the working process of system is as follow: 1. Autoclave sterilizer -->2.  660L bin-lifter -->3. Primary shredder (60-200 mm particle). --> 4. Conveyor belt -->5. Two stages shredding medical waste shredder( final particle size  10-30 mm) --> 6. Discharge auger conveyor.

Organic Waste Shredding & Dewatering

The organic waste shredding and dewatering machine process biological and biogenic waste, which ranges from green or garden waste to food waste and expired goods including packaging to slaughterhouse waste, to generate an optimal substrate for further utilisation in your biogas plant or in your disposal business. 

Food Waste Convert To Fertilizer Shredding Dewatering Fermentation

We provide full line to convert food waste to fertilizer, the line include one food waste composting pre-treatment system(FPS200) & one aerobic fermenter(AFT2000), the processing is as follow: 120/240L bin-lifter, manual sorting table, integrated industrial shredder & dewatering screw press, auger conveyor, aerobic fermenter. The capacity of FPS200 is about 2-3 tons/hr, and the capacity of AFT2000 is about 2-3 tons/days.

Food Waste Shredding Dewatering Fertilizing

Feed the fruits, vegetable etc organic/food waste to our integrated industrial shredder and dewatering squeezer machine, after shredding and dewatering, the shredded and dewatered waste convey to a fermenter for fermentation, after 24 hours, the waste become fertilizer.